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As a ToyChest.VIP affiliate you can recommend products you are comfortable with. From literature to lingerie to lube, we offer a range of products to stimulate your senses in that way speaks to you. Our ToyChest.VIP vary in size, shape, and function with hundreds of options to choose from. Whether you are single, partnered, or poly, we have accessories to enhance your pleasure and elevate your intimate experience.

VIP Program Includes:

- Commission per sale

- Additional sales incentives

- Digital and print marketing tools

- Unique discount code for your followers/fans/friends


Benefits to VIP Program:

- No start up costs for you

- No managing inventory

- No party hosting

- Enhance your existing business by opening an additional revenue stream.

- Simple commission structure

- No pyramid scheme or pressure to have your friends start selling

- Set your own hours

- Regular monthly payouts